School Groups

We love the opportunity to be able to teach our future generations about our great sport – the history behind it to the basics of how to mush. Students will have the opportunity to help harness our dogs, get them turned around, and pamper them after their ride.

Our guide will decide upon the configuration of the sleds and the number of tours that are needed for each school group.

Teachers are required to hand in liability waivers for every student participating with students under 18 needing their waiver signed by their parent/guardian.

We do have a heated winter canvas tent and outdoor firepit on site that you are encouraged to make use of during your time at the trails. Feel free to bring drinks/snacks for the time that students are waiting their turn. And no worries, we also have a portable toilet on site.

If you have any special requests please talk with us as you are booking so that we can ensure that this is an enjoyable and safe activity for your students.

  • Reservation length: Custom for each class
  • Trail length: 1.5 – 5 kms
  • Trail time: approx. 10 – 20 minutes for each sled
  • Introductions / history of mushing / harnessing / pictures: Customized depending on how much time you would like as teaching time vs trail time.