How To Prepare

This is an outdoor sport, so you will need to make sure that you are dressed appropriately. Our dogs are a race team and love to run, so you will want to make sure to protect any exposed skin. Layers are always the best. From our years of mushing we have found that the following keeps us the warmest so that we can enjoy the ride:

  • Insulated winter jacket
  • Insulated ski pants or coveralls
  • Warm socks
  • Warm winter boots
  • Neck warmer (You will want to make sure that no part of your neck is showing and it is always nice to pull it over your mouth and nose.)
  • Warm touque (make sure it covers your forehead and ears)
  • Insulated gloves or mitts
  • Goggles (ski goggles) or sunglasses
  • Remember that cotton fabric does not keep you warm (socks/shirts/pants/etc.) so you will ideally want to wear a wicking, synthetic fibre, poly-polar fleece or natural fibre – what you would wear for skiing or other outdoor sports.
  • Extras
    • Fleece jacket/sweater to fit under your winter jacket
    • Hand and/or foot warmer inserts (we love these!)

Also don’t forget to bring your camera as there will be opportunities to take pictures of you with our dogs or video from the trail.